The Sam Farr Challenge

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  • After you join you'll be asked to fill in a quick intake survey.
  • You'll receive a brief daily email from us during the 30-Day Challenge with motivation & tips.
  • We'll also release 30-second videos to engage & inspire.
  • After the Challenge, we'll ask you to fill out a quick survey about your experience.
* By participating in the Sam Farr 30-Day Challenge, you agree to be mindful of your own well being and seek medical treatment if needed. Your host, Mary Toscano Healthy Living, does not provide medical or therapy services, and is not responsible for any decisions made by you as a result of participation in the 30-Day Challenge.
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BASIC OR EXTREME? Basic = 1) No alcohol after 7:30pm 2) No more than 1 serving of bread or pasta per day 3) 7,000 steps or 30 min exercise daily. Extreme = 1) No food or alcohol after 7:30pm 2) No foods with flour or >20g Sugars (per serving) 3) 10,000 s
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